The career opportunities are endless.

Why join Linnaeus?

As a veterinary graduate we recognise that picking your first job is a big step. At Linnaeus, we are committed to providing excellence in all aspects of veterinary care and investing in top talent of the future, by offering a path for graduates to transition from classroom to consulting room in a structured and supported way.

As a rapidly growing UK-wide veterinary group investing significantly in the future of our industry, we offer scope to enjoy a rewarding career path through a range of highly respected vet practices with individual brands serving different client bases across the UK.

Through our two-year Graduate Development Programme, we’ll help you fulfil your potential as an exceptional vet.

About the Graduate Development Programme (GDP)

Our immersive Graduate Development Programme (GDP) has been crafted to develop you in all areas of your career, both clinical and non-clinical. We have gone to great lengths to integrate and align our programme with the RCVS PDP Competencies to ensure you experience the best available in our industry.

The programme comprises 8 clinical & 8 non-clinical learning events over a two-year period. In addition to our 16-days of learning, you will be able to reserve a number of days to book your own CPD in line with your interests. You will have an in-practice mentor to ensure you are getting the support you need. They will help you develop to your potential and provide support with completion of your RCVS PDP.

The programme will see you working with a plethora of highly-respected internal and external specialists and senior vets to develop, hone and embed your clinical and behavioural skills. You’ll also develop your team building skills and have exposure in the day-to-day running of a modern practice.

We’ll help you take the transformational journey ‘From Classroom to Consulting Room’ as smoothly as possible.

How you’ll benefit

Linnaeus has already seen a number of graduates progress within the group and we’re always on the look-out for future talent to join us. We are passionate and committed to supporting you to develop yourself and your career. You will have the opportunity to share your ideas and help shape our continued commitment to developing new treatments and technological advancements in the industry. You’ll benefit from:

  • A development programme aligned to RCVS PDP
  • Refine your clinical skills and develop exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Plenty of support from your practice, your wider team and from other vets around the group
  • Peer group support
  • Delayed introduction to out-of-hours work, where applicable
  • Additional CPD
  • Competitive salary & benefits
  • A wide range of brands and locations to choose where you work

You’ll have plenty of scope to develop your career however you choose with many options ahead of you:

  • 1st opinion vet
  • Senior/ Lead Vet
  • Clinical Director
  • Internship
  • Resident
  • Referral Specialist

Our Journey

Our Graduate Development Programme

Year 1

Clinical Skills Sessions such as:

  • Emergency & surgical topics
  • Common medical problems
  • Anaesthesia & Critical care
  • Practical dentistry

Professional Skills Sessions such as:

  • Personal leadership
  • Confidence in the consult room
  • Delivering bad news & managing difficult conversations
  • Working in a High-Performing Team 

The programme is designed and aligned with the RCVS PDP Competencies.

Therefore, it is expected that by the end of year one, you will have completed a high percentage of your PDP log.

End of 1st Year Celebration

Year 2

Clinical Skills Sessions such as:

  • Surgery & medicine topics for your 2nd year
  • Focus on oncology & 'exotic' species
  • Orthopaedic problem solving
  • Imaging

Professional Skills Sessions such as:

  • Resilience and Personal Effectiveness
  • Learning to Lead & the Key to Motivating Others
  • Principles of quality management
  • Onwards and upwards

The two year programme also includes on the job learning with access to events such as clinical clubs and networking events, as well as a special celebration following completion of the programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not only do you have access to our comprehensive development programme, but you will also have your own mentor who will have been trained specifically to support you. They will spend time with you on a regular basis where you you will discuss how things are going, what challenges you may have faced, challenges you overcame, in fact anything you want to discuss.

The aim is to form a close working relationship to develop you to your best within the practice. Whilst you have your assigned mentor, you will quickly learn that the wider team will support you in any way they can.

Whilst it is early days to be considering the steps beyond completing your PDP, know that as a group we have many opportunities to develop – whether that is to remain in First Opinion practice or to venture into the referral specialist world, we have it all.

Not all our practices offer an out-of-hour (OOH) service. Where they do, we would not recommend you are exposed to OOH duties for at least your first month.

When you do start to open to OOH duties, you will be supported all the way and consulted with – we would not put you or the patients in a position you do not feel comfortable with.

Each practice offers additional CPD each year outside of the graduate development programme and it is down to you to identify what this might be based on your interests and aspirations.

Absolutely – we would encourage you to do so. We can put you in touch not only with former graduates, but also offer the opportunity to visit a practice and speak with their veterinary and nursing team.

Next Steps

Applications for the 2021 Linnaeus Graduate Development Programme have now closed. Applications for our 2022 intake will open on Monday 3rd January 2022 at 9am. Please contact [email protected] for further information.